Your full-service strategic partner, invested in you.

Are you on the path to something epic?

Our clients often come to us at a transitional phase in their development. They have a platform that has the potential to be transformative, and they choose Covalence to help them tackle their most complex problems to accelerate their path to success. With our deep expertise and insights, we help businesses move confidently into the future.

Strategic Solutions

We focus our work on delivering strategies that are pragmatic, can be operationalized, and have the potential to deliver financial results.

• Market Opportunity Analysis
• Risk Adjusted Performance Models
• Market Segmentation Strategies

Brand Strategy

We create demand and competitive advantage for brands by defining their strategic foundations and crafting their identities.

We develop our brand strategies by developing a platform, architecture, name, message, and voice. All informed by market research to give our clients staying power and a differentiated position in the market.

• Brand Positioning and Platforms
• Naming and Trademarks

Marketing Services

We begin the development of marketing plans and programs by stepping into the shoes of the customer as they travel their journey with your brand.

This gives us the insights to ensure alignment of value between your prospects and customers with your brand, products, services, and business objectives. Our approach optimizes cross-channel strategies and marketing investments to yield a high return on marketing investments.

Creative Solutions

We ignite our creative energy with business and marketing insights to help us find a distinct market position and brand voice that will drive financial performance for our clients.

Our work focuses on developing deep and sustainable impressions and relationships with customers that can deliver long-term value.

We develop everything from brand identities, campaigns, to interactive experiences. Our deep UX and visual design experience in mobile/digital are essential to creating universal experiences across channels. Combined with over 15 years of experience in OOH, media, print, and video we offer our clients full cross-channel creative services.

A driving factor in all of our creative work is our commitment to delivering qualified leads, loyalty, and long-term sustainable results that deliver against measurable performance goals.

Technology Solutions
Frontend and Backend Development

We collaborate with our primary Alliance partner, creativeFew whose backend solutions are trusted by some of the biggest Fortune 100 names in the world, and for a good reason. They build enterprise-grade software that is scalable, secure, reliable and pixel perfect.

They jump right into a project and ramp up quickly. Covalence’s creative team has years of experience working with creativeFew to work collaboratively throughout the development process with our clients. Together we rapidly prototype, iteratively develop, tightly incorporate design thinking and agile DevOps in every project.

Together we develop agile front-end web applications for multiple platforms with responsive presentational-layers of web applications using ES6 Javascript, Angular 1/2, RxJS, React, D3, Canvas, Sass, Express, HTML5, CSS, WordPress, and Webpack/Gulp. Backend development is typically developed using Java, Joomla, Responsive PHP, and Adobe solutions to name but a few.

Together we consistently develop high-performance, scalable, custom software.

Measurement and Analytics

Measurement and analytics are at the core of everything we do. In the absence of this, there are no opportunities to learn, adapt, improve and drive success. Instrumenting the right metrics that can provide genuine insights is the hallmark of transparent and accountable marketing. We have created brand trackers and financial trackers for Fortune 100 companies to start-ups.  Sustainable value can only be achieved with a quantitative basis for testing, understanding and exploring new opportunities.