Market Opportunity Assessment

Client: Biotech Company


Our client had a unique opportunity to build pent up demand in advance of approval of several drug candidates they had in clinical trials. However given the vast number of potential audience segments and countries it could target, the company needed a basis for making differential investments in building demand.

What we did

Using secondary research and qualitative interviews, we performed a market opportunity assessment focused on audience segments and countries. This analysis lead to the company setting investment targets for key audience groups and countries along a timeline associated with different phases of clinical development in advance of each drug's approval.


The opportunity analysis formed the basis for clinical trial site prioritization and selection. This information also formed the basis for the regulatory approval strategy and the identification of key opinion leaders that the company needed to target at different stages of clinical development. All in all, the assessment and associated market strategy formed the basis for planning all stages of clinical development and commercialization for the Company.

• Qualitative Interviews
• Secondary Research
• Market Opportunity Assessment
• Audience and Geo Segmentation