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Corelight: A Cybersecurity Company


We were approached by a cybersecurity company called Broala that wanted to rebrand themselves. As they gained traction in the market people struggled with the name and thought it was at best nonsense and at worst, associated with a level of playfulness that seemed inappropriate, given the gravity cyber security.

What we did

We began a brand naming exploration with the company and ultimately concluded with them that they needed to create a sophisticated yet friendly identity that is consistent with their core values. Brands in the cyber security market often take a dark tone of fear, aggression, or both. After generating and vetting hundreds of names the company chose Corelight as a name that could project safety, strength, and illumination, essential aspects of cyber security. This approach gives them a robust and differentiated brand.

We short sprints we worked with Corelight to assist them in launching the new brand, building awareness, and creating a new brand platform. Covalence continued through a series of rapid design sprints, in which we quickly explored and evolved a multi-channel identity system using illumination as the company's conceptual anchor.


In rapid succession we worked on and delivered the following services and products:

Branding Strategy
Competitive Assessment
Brand Naming
Brand Positioning
Brand Messaging
Event Support
Content Strategy
Website Design
Print Design
Product Design
Motion Direction

While it may be too soon to measure the ultimate returns on the work we have performed for Corelight, the company has been experiencing phenomenal success with its customers and stakeholders.

• Naming
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Strategy
• Brand Identity
• Brand Guidelines
• Marketing Collateral
• Website Design
• Tradeshow Components