Brand Strategy

Client: Global Paint & Coating Manufacturer


Our client had developed a new brand name for their company but lacked the underlying brand strategy and messaging to support the name. Their brand needed to differentiate itself in a way that would resonate with their customers and express values that they could back up. We were engaged to help them develop the brand foundations and messaging that could position them for growth in their market.

What we did

We conducted both internal and external stakeholder interviews across the globe to develop an understanding of how people perceived the strengths and challenges of the company. Combined with a review of secondary and proprietary market research, we developed a brand hypothesis that trusted customers and partners validated and refined.


Our foundational work was the basis for developing our client's brand strategy, messaging, brand values, and brand narrative that set the company apart from its competitors and secured them a premium position in the market.

• Stakeholder Interviews
• Market Research
• SWOT Analysis
• Brand Hypothesis
• Brand Positioning and Strategy