Market Opportunity Assessment

Client: Fortune 100 Software Company


Our client was planning to shift from licensing its software to offering it through a subscription program. They were entering into the software-as-a-service market late and needed to rapidly gain market share as an offset to their lost licensing revenue. The goal of the project was to help them target global opportunities and segments that would present the least resistance to this new market strategy and accelerate their offering into the market.

What we did

We performed a global opportunity assessment to identify country and business specific segments that had high risk-adjusted potential revenue for our client to pursue. Our deliverable in addition to differential investment priorities included a marketing roadmap and channel placements to support the recommendations.

• Global Opportunity Assessment
• Risk Analysis
• Marketing Roadmap
• Channel Placements


Our client gained 9 to 14 points against their competitive set over the next year as a result of these recommendations.